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Saskatchewan Landing provincial park

Prairie Sky Running Company - home of the Beaver Flat 50

Beaver Flat 50k

September 16, 2017

Reaching New Heights On The Prairies

Beaver Flat 50k

A punishing run at a distance challenging enough on a flat course, but 2300 meters/7500 feet of vertical gain means you will be climbing and descending for a good portion of this run. It's the Dam Hard 20k, plus an additional 30k. It's wet shoes, ankle strain, sandy hands, scratched shins. It's hill repeats in the worst kind of way. The majority of your time will be spent on very narrow animal trail. There's cacti, juniper bushes, rock, sand and water. 

There will be 5 aid stations on the course:

Aid station 1 - At the 12km mark, fully stocked. Enjoy the views of the wide open prairie fields. Also enjoy how you're probably not even tired yet!

Aid station 2 - At the 17km mark, fully stocked. This aid station is at the bottom of the interpretative trails at the fork.

Aid station 3 - 26km, fully stocked. Make sure you catch your breath at this one because a few ugly climbs are right around the corner.

Aid station 4 - 34km, fully stocked + drop bag. This is the aid station where you can pick up your drop bag. Your feet will get wet a few kilometres before this aid station, so you might want to think about stashing a dry pair of shoes and socks in your drop bag. This aid station is located in the Goodwin House parking lot. This is also the last logical place to drop from the race. 

Aid station 5 - 42km, fully stocked. Sooooo close to the finish line...yet so far away.

Below is a map and elevation profile for the 2016 course. The 2017 course will be similar with a 3km addition before aid station 1.  A route map and elevation profile for the 2017 course is in the works. When I converted the GPX file to a google earth file, I lost 500m elevation gain and 5kms distance for some reason.