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Saskatchewan Landing provincial park

Prairie Sky Running Company - home of the Beaver Flat 50

General Course Info

September 16, 2017

Reaching New Heights On The Prairies

Aid Stations and Cut Off Times

All runners will have access to fully-stocked aid stations to help keep you on your feet. There are five aid station, four of which have cut off times. If you do not make it to the aid station before the cut off time, you will be removed from the course. These cut off times will help ensure that we are able to get everyone off the course before it gets dark, including volunteers. The following aid station cut off times will be strictly enforced for the Beaver Flat 50km: 

Gun goes at 8:00am

Aid station #1 (12km) : no cut off time

Aid station #2 (17km): 11:30am

Aid station #3 (26km): 1:30pm

Aid station #4 (34km): 3:00pm - drop bag -

Aid station #5 (42km): 5:00pm

Finish: 6:30pm. You have a total of 10.5 hours to finish and receive your finishers badge.

Drop Bags, Race kit pickup and Registration

If you are participating in the Beaver Flat 50km , you will be able to leave one drop bag when you sign in the morning of the race. You can put whatever you want in the drop bag, but remember that we will be lugging it around, so don't get too carried away. Something to help you refuel, dry socks and shoes, a picture of your loved ones, whatever it takes to keep you moving. You will have access to your drop bag at Aid Station 4 (Goodwin house, 34km). Make sure you mark your bag clearly with you bib number so that it is easy for us locate it for you. Stay tuned for more information regarding race kit pickup and registation.