Race Day Schedule

6:30AM - Registration opens for all runners. This is mandatory. There is no kit pickup the night before the race this year. All runners must register and pick up their bibs and kits the morning of the race. 50K and 20K runners must register no later than 7:30AM.

7:30AM - All 50K and 20K runners must register by 7:30AM

7:50AM - 50K debriefing at start/finish line

8:00AM - Start of Beaver Flat 50K Ultra Marathon

8:00AM - All 10K and 5K runners must register by 8:00AM

8:10AM - 20K debriefing at start/finish line

8:15AM - Start of Dam Hard 20K

8:25AM - 10K debriefing at start/finish line

8:30AM - Start of 10K Trail Blitz

8:40AM - 5K debriefing at start/finish line

8:45AM - Start of Fletcher 5K

9:00AM - food and beverages available

12:00PM - Start of Kids Fun Run

6:30PM - Cut-off time for 50K runners


Aid Stations

For 50k runners, there will be five fully stocked aid stations - 11.5k, 16.35k, 23.3k, 33k and 43.5k.  The 20k runners will pass the 11.5k aid station.  10k and 5k runners will pass the 16.35k aid station at about the half way point of their races. These runners can feel free to use this aid station if they wish.  Each aid station will be stocked with water courtesy of Crystal Fresh Swift Current, sports drink and Coke.  In addition to this, each aid station will have an assortment of food and goodies, such as gummy worms, 2-bite brownies, peanut M&Ms, chips, pretzels, pickles, bananas and watermelon.  There will be sunscreen and bug spray too, just in case.

Cutoff times

Cutoff times will be strictly enforced. They are:

11.5k aid station - no cutoff

16.35k aid station - 11:30am

23.3k aid station - 1:00pm

33k aid station - 3:30pm

43.5k aid station - 5:30pm

The race ends at 6:30pm for a total duration of 10.5 hours. Make sure aid station timers have a chance to get your number as you come through.

Course Marking

50k runners follow the orange flags

20k runners follow the yellow flags

10k runners follow the white flags

5k runners follow the red flags

Follow your color and you'll be fine. It is important to follow the course markings as it will be easy to get off trail.  The course will be marked with pin flags and signs with arrows.

10 Simple Rules

  1. Dangerous weather can move in at a moments notice.  This could result in the suspension of the race for an undetermined period of time and may result in shortening of the race. It may also result in the start of the race being postponed. 
  2. If you're a 50km runner, aid station attendees will conduct coherency checks. If an attendee is concerned for your safety, they will have a medic conduct an assessment. If you are judged to be unfit to continue, you will be removed from the race.  This decision is final.
  3. Be courteous to volunteers
  4. Check-in and check-out at each aid station
  5.  Respect the course (carry your gel wrappers off the course) and place all trash in the cans at aid stations.
  6. Pacers and dogs: Not allowed
  7. Strollers: Not allowed
  8. Trekking poles: Allowed
  9. Headphones: Highly discouraged
  10. Have fun! 

First Aid

There will be first aid on site at Race Headquarters.  If you're experiencing difficulties on the course, we ask that you either:

1.       Get yourself to the nearest aid station and have them call Race HQ for you; or

2.       Notify a passing runner that you need aid and have them report it to the next station.

Massage and Physio

Don't forget that our friends from Stride Physio and Performance will be setup at race HQ for the day. Go say "hi." Get a massage. Have them look at your twisted ankle. Recovery = beer, physio and poutine... in any order.


Volunteers will be wearing special shirts.  Use them.  Thank them.

Local amenities

The park golf course clubhouse will be open.  The Town of Kyle is 21km north of the Landing, Stewart Valley is 15km south and the Swift Current is 35km south.  You should be able to find the essentials at these locations.


Smoke's Poutinerie, Saskatoon will be taking care of all your poutine needs from 9am to 6:30pm. Remember to use your meal ticket in your race kits to get a meal anytime between these hours.


Don't leave garbage on the course.  Carry it to an aid station and dispose of it.  These trails are pristine and we want to keep them that way.

Cash Money

Black Bridge Brewery, Brainsport and Optical Image will be on location selling beer and gear.  Beers are cash only.  Brainsport will be set up to sell last minute items: gels, hats, buffs, glide…things like that.

Terrain Reminder

Certain sections of course are quite technical and you’ll be running/hiking up and down many a steep side-hill. Don’t take your footing for granted. Course is exposed. Dress accordingly.


Looking for a place to put up your legs before and after the race?  Check out our friends at Home Inn and Suites Swift Current. They are providing a discounted room rate and complimentary water bottle for participants and free rooms for volunteers, yes, FREE ROOMS FOR VOLUNTEERS. Let us know if you are volunteering and need a place to stay, because Home Inn and Suites has you covered.

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park will have a campground open on race weekend. The campground has approximately 100 self-register first-come-first-serve electric sites and a shower and bathroom facility that campers and all runners are welcome to use. The campground is located in the park approximately a 5 minute drive from the start/finish line.

There are a couple Bed and Breakfasts in the area, including Rabbit Hill B&B and Teahousewhich is only about 30 kilometres from Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park. There are three different options for accommodations here. Give Eugene and Caroline a call to find out more information or book a room.