10 Simple Rules

  1. Dangerous weather can move in at a moments notice.  This could result in the suspension of the race for an undetermined period of time and may result in shortening of the race. It may also result in the start of the race being postponed. 
  2. If you're a 50km runner, aid station attendees will conduct coherency checks. If an attendee is concerned for your safety, they will have a medic conduct an assessment. If you are judged to be unfit to continue, you will be removed from the race.  This decision is final.
  3. Be courteous to volunteers
  4. Check-in and check-out at each aid station
  5.  Respect the course (carry your gel wrappers off the course) and place all trash in the cans at aid stations.
  6. Pacers and dogs: Not allowed
  7. Strollers: Not allowed
  8. Trekking poles: Allowed
  9. Headphones: Highly discouraged
  10. Have fun!